Avni Sethi is an interdisciplinary practitioner with her primary concerns lying between cultures of violence, memory, space and the body. She conceptualised and designed the Conflictorium, a Museum of Conflict in Ahmedabad (2013) and Raipur City (2022) and Mehnat Manzil, a Museum of Work situated in Ahmedabad (2019).
She has been writing and speaking about the potential of small museums as a holding space for social justice processes and the necessity of building care based ecosystems.
Trained in multiple dance idioms, her performances are largely inspired by syncretic faith traditions and sites of contested narratives. She has been continually interested in exploring the relationship between intimate audiences and the performing body. She is currently nurturing ‘Ordo Performance Collaboratory’, a studio space that focuses on performance based experimentations.
She is the recipient of the Jane Lombard Prize for Art and Social Justice 2020-2022 by the Vera List Centre for Art and Politics. She currently lives and works in Ahmedabad, India.

Avni Sethi participated in an Openscape event along...