YouTube Channel

As our public events are recorded, we always make them available on-line so that the conversations can echo long after. We also produce introduction or topical videos that you will be able to find there.

Discord Server

OpenScape rolled out a Discord server to provide the global performing arts community a place to come together around topics, issues and opportunities in a decentralised way.

Discord is a social platform that provides open discussion rooms and audio-visual channels where participants can communicate freely and at their own pace. It is free of charge and works in browsers as well as through mobile applications and computers. The main channel on the server is dedicated to the community. Members can introduce themselves, share or ask about jobs, residencies, or workshops, or simply hang together. The material collected from previous events will also be accessible from there.

We also implemented a ‚ÄúMentorship Garden‚ÄĚ on the OpenScape Discord server to provide a place to match practitioners in need of support with specialists able to guide their efforts adequately. These exchanges between mentors and mentees will be recorded and made available to grow a knowledge library accessible to all. Whether you have a problem that requires professional assistance or are a skilled art-worker who wants to volunteer sharing your expertise with the community, you can apply by posting on Discord.