Nacional Trovoa—or just Trovoa—is a group of racialised artists that emerged in 2017 to foster the insertion of black, indigenous and Asian professionals in the institutional and commercial circuit of the visual arts. Today they are a network composed of professionals between curatorship, artistic production and art-education acting in all five Brazilian regions.
Ianah Maia has been part of Trovoa since 2019.
She is a visual artist, painter and agro-ecology enthusiast born in Recife (Pernambuco). Her artistic research is sensitised by the political side of affections, spirituality, community bounds and the reforestation of Brazilian ancestral histories. In her artworks, the poetic unfolds through a ludic and careful way of looking to small daily enchantments. Through paintings she makes using natural handmade mineral paints (which she calls “geotinta”—or geo-paint), she tries to recognise the intersections between nature, culture, body and territory since 2017.

Ianah Maia participated in an Openscape event along...