Lia Rodrigues is a dancer, choreographer and the artistic director of Lia Rodrigues Dance Company, which she founded in 1990 in Rio de Janeiro (BR) and has since built a solid international reputation. Besides its productions, the company gives classes and workshops towards beginners and professional dancers. The company also offers spaces for debate, raises awareness to contemporary art, and reaches new audiences.
In 2003, the company relocated to the favela of Maré, one of the biggest slums of Rio, where the company develops an artistic and educational project: it is a school, a training space, an unending process which keeps on renewing itself.
In a world concerned with utility, immediate success and visibility for millions to consume, it’s a challenge to work in the long-term.
For Lia, doing art in Brazil is an ongoing process of affirmation, investment and resistance, and together with the communities around Centro do Maré, they imagine and invent new paths and new dreams.

Lia Rodrigues participated in an Openscape event along...