Xiaoyi Liu (SG / HK) is considered one of the most promising figures at the forefront of the experimental theatre scene in Asia. The recipient of the Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council of Singapore, he is the artistic director of Emergency Stairs (SG) and the artist-in-residence at Zuni Icosahedron (HK). Xiaoyi was involved in over 70 productions as a curator, director, playwright, or actor over the past two decades.
In 2018, he started “No More Theatre” to develop collaboration between digital technology and arts. Xiaoyi has been particularly active in promoting dialogues and creation across cultural and geographical lines over the past decade.
He has been curating the annual Southernmost Project since 2017, bringing traditional and contemporary artists from the region together and keeps a keen eye on the development of art talents in the APAC region. Xiaoyi also helms the Emergency Academy, an incubation programme for promising young cultural leaders from the region.

Xiaoyi Liu participated in an Openscape event along...