Catol Teixeira performs and creates dances. Born in Porto Alegre (1993*), Brazil, they have lived and danced in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salzburg, Berlin, and now Geneva. Before their formal education in dance, Catol has worked as a performer for dance and contemporary circus groups, or in night clubs around Rio as an acrobat. Catol holds a BA in contemporary dance from La Manufacture (Lausanne) and is currently enrolled in a MA in visual arts at HEAD (Geneva). They also studied in independent contexts with numerous artists based in Europe and in South America.
Catol’s work is a constant practice of time-space perception, searching for choreographic methods that challenges notions of what a body can be, that is a place of crossing and negotiating between organic, political, and cultural forces.
For the past year Catol has been touring their solo “La Peau Entre Les Doigts” and creating their new piece “Clashes Licking” to be premiered in November 2022.

Catol Teixeira participated in an Openscape event along...