He Qiwo, aka Er Gao, is a dancer, choreographer, director and curator from Yangjiang, in the Guangdong region of China. Graduating from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, he won a full scholarship of Singapore [CP]3 to do further study in contemporary performing arts criticism in 2021.
Ever since he founded Ergao Dance Production Group (EGDP) in 2007, his works have constantly seen body as the core of artistic investigation and the primary medium, using diverse strategies to illuminate Chinese social and cultural identities, sex, gender and other topics in absurd and grave way. His recent works focus on mobility of new urban migrants in Chinese society, and the issues on the public nature of dance.
some of his most representative works include Kung Hei Fat Choy series, Disco-Teca, Butterfly Island, This Is A Chicken Coop, Super Tight, and Everyday dance movement, to name a few.

Er Gao participated in an Openscape event along...