In the Inn Valley, against the backdrop of the Alps, MUZEUM SUSCH opened its doors in 2019. The subtle restoring and recombining of the remains of a medieval monastery, it became an inspiring environment for artistic production and mediation, inviting visitors on journeys of discovery, and offering spaces for exhibitions and experimental presentations, performances, conferences, lectures and events, as well as a trans-disciplinary residency program.
It is a space for argument and research, relying on the laboratory character of a Kunsthalle, and is informed by a deep understanding of the sometimes omitted, overlooked or misread woman artists. The museum’s activities are based on four pillars: EXHIBITIONS, INSTITUTO SUSCH, ACZIUN SUSCH and PUBLICAZIUNS, which are completing and complementing each other to create joint spaces for encounter, discourse and exchange.
Joanna Lesnierowska is the curator of ACZIUN SUSCH, the choreographic reflection and research program of MUZEUM SUSCH.

Joanna Lesnierowska participated in an Openscape event along...