Zyad Al-Seblany is a 28-year old Lebanese cinema, TV and theatre graduate and practitioner, who also worked as a drama therapist for young children in Anjar’s refugee camp. Ziad has been a drag artist since 2017 and made it his main career since 2020, under the name Zuhal.
In her first YouTube video, Zuhal coined the Arabic translation of drag art as “fann el jarr” which has become the official term in the Arab world. Zuhal has been pioneering drag practices and pushing boundaries in the Arab world since, from being the first drag queen TV host, to initiating drag shows in numerous venues, launching training workshops, and performing over a 100 solo shows in Beirut and beyond.
Besides her successful performing and acting appearances, Zuhal has been advocating for LGBQT+ rights in front of millions, and in 2022 she was invited to the Meta Partners Summit in Turkey to represent queer Arabs facing homophobic cyber bullying, mass reporting and attacks.

Zyad Al-Seblany participated in an Openscape event along...