GreenRoom is an international joint venture led by Laia Montoya (DE), Wolfram Sander (DE), and Horacio Pérez (CL) organising digital events to host exchanges between different stakeholders in the performing arts. Although GreenRoom started as a direct reaction to the suspension of mobility imposed by the pandemic, it is also meant to address other key issues in terms of inclusivity and long-term sustainability. Being forced out of a physical place into a digital one created an opportunity to ignore borders—may they be geopolitical, artistic, ability- or gender-related.

GreenRoom was conceived in 2020 as a resilient platform, flexible enough to offer alternative formats of networking and resource sharing for the independent performing arts scene at large. Through the deployment of globally available open-source digital tools, it aims at building an international community interested in sharing artistic practices, as well as production contexts, ideas, contacts, problems and solutions.